Sunday, February 20, 2011


so after my cup of coffee this morning i found a bag of scrap leather and some sinew.  i decided i wanted to craft a free-form leather tank top. about 1/4 of the way into it i ran out of leather.  after checking the local hobby store and finding out there was no scrap leather to be found...anywhere, i headed to the thrift shops. luckily, i stumbled upon a black suede skirt.  this is what stage it's at so far.  i am trying to figure out how to achieve closure on both sides while still being able to put it on.  i'm stoked that the 2nd leather pieces turned out to be the deepest shade of purple! 

ps.  sorry about the mess in the background.  its my "do the dang thing yourself corner"


  1. what about a zipper on one side?

  2. thats a good idea but neither side is really straight. maybe i could sew some extra leather on one side to make it work.

  3. that's awesome! if you aren't too worried about gapping/coverage maybe you could rig up a hook and eye closure

  4. leather cord & lace em up criss cross style. sell em at SOTBM store? i'm first in line

  5. Interesting, think it's looks great

  6. Looks damn good, you are such a doll little mama!
    Enchanted Blessings

  7. Yeah, leather lacing up the sides would work well. You could shimmy into it and then tighten the sides after you're in it. It's awesome! :)

  8. you know, you post such beautiful pictures of people and things and places, but none of them compare to how beautiful you are. you are the prettiest one of them all, truly. you look like a forest goddess. i love your blog. keep up the nice work, your leatherwork looks awesome. :)

  9. thanks for all of the tips you guys!

    i just adore you sweet sister. your kindness shines so bright!!

    your comment just warmed my heart. thank you so much for your lovely words. i started following your blog!