Thursday, March 31, 2011


I lost my mind!  I'm selling these because I never go anywhere and these need to be seen.  So buy them and wear them ALOT please.


This post is for you Mama Hunt and your inner matador!!

select images by Ruvan Afanador


Yesterday pretty much ruled! I woke up, checked the thermometer(45 degrees!), and started packing a bag and picnic snacks.  I have been waiting for this since September.  Who knows how long it will last but I embraced the heck outta it.  We have a great little spot about a 2 minute hike away from our place.  It overlooks the entire city and is pretty private.  We sprawled out our fabrics and started soaking up all of that delicious vitamin D.  It's like the best drug times 10!  We managed to snap a few shots of our little mountain adventure.  Only bad part was when I fell straight on my hand and thought for a second that my bones were crushed, and suffered a small anxiety attack(see photo 6).  I always take childs pose when I feel a little anxious.  I have a damn good feeling about this year I tell ya!  I don't know why I put this in pink...I'm not a fan really.  Must be a side effect of spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011



click for larger images.  not sure how to get them the right size so they don't overlap my blog list.


My only dissappointment was that I finished it too fast.