Friday, February 18, 2011


When I started Here's the Deal my intentions were not to have it be solely a fashion based blog, but a place where I could express and talk about all that feeds my inspiration.  I was reminded yesterday when one of my best friends Krystle said "yeah, I saw's a fashion blog".  I realized that since NYFW was going on I had only made posts that were fashion based.  Of course there will ALWAYS be posts about new designers, editorials that blow my mind, jewelry, shoes and more because this is what i do for a living and something that has been rooted in me since I was a little girl, but there will also be posts like this one.  I just needed a little reminder.

I found this little treasure through a post someone made on tumblr.  NIGHTWOOD.  A brooklyn based lady design team that produce one-of-a-kind rustic reincarnated furniture.  They take found wood and furniture and breathe new life into it.  I am beyond impressed.  See all work here

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