Saturday, October 29, 2011

ALINE, Aline, Aline..Aileeeeeen

I've got such a huge girl cush on Ms. Aline Webber.  I think living in Scandanavia has turned me onto blondes like nothing else.  Pale skin and blonde hair just about kills me.  I also love that she sports a little overbite like me!


  1. You're beautiful as YOU ARE Sara !! Really beautiful ... don't need to turn blond AT ALL !! Happy b-day !! Sorry not telling before, but better late than never ;;)) Big kisses xoxox

  2. i wish i was brave enough to pull the no bra. wish.

  3. Agreed. she is beautiful. My favourite photo is her on the horse... reminds me of a faerie.

    I recently discovered SOTBM and I have to say that you ladies are a true inspiration. I thought I'd never come across a group with such similar taste and lifestyle.

    How did you get into selling vintage clothes, and did you teach yourselves how to create clothes?